We've been welcoming ships from all corners of the globe to The Port of Wicklow for more than 100 years. Our traditional people first ethos has helped Conways flourish becoming part of Wicklow’s historically ingrained marine culture. CONWAYPORT is run by a dynamic and skilled team of over 30 employees. 


 Roy Conway

Serving as CONWAYPORT Managing Director, Roy has a broad range of experience in the shipping and maritime sector. 

Elected National President of ISAA (National shipping representative body) Roy is also experienced in local government matters, having served on local authority for a period of ten years and holding office of vice Chairman and Chairman (Independent - non party). 

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Kevin Conway  

Kevin is Co-Director and Ship Agency Manager at CONWAYPORT. On a daily basis Kevin deals with ship-owners and port crew, ensuring the highest standard of care is taken when working with CONWAYPORT

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