Given its far-reaching history, it is no surprise that Wicklow Town is still a flowing hive of seagoing activity in 2017. With clubs and events taking place all-year round, the town's habitants have all been touched by the sea in some shape or form, even if they've never been out on a ship.

The very first Wicklow Regatta Festival took place in September of 1878 and has been a popular an unmissable event ever since. Between the traditional yacht races, swimming, golly-fishing, and music events scattered across the weekend – Wicklow is transformed into a lively hub where its habitants, and visitors, can reflect on the town's rich maritime history.

Wicklow Sailing Club, home to the Round Ireland Yacht Race, is a centre for young and old to learn and engage in sailing activities. The group have been active for nearly 70 years and has often been a first-stop for many of the town's future mariners.

Conway Port have been operating through the Wicklow for generations and have been deeply active in the town's seafaring groups as well as the community at large. The close relationship between Conway Port and the RNLI Wicklow is of particular importance as the two work together to keep Wicklow's sea activities safe and enduring.

Through everything from small daily activities to large annual events, Wicklow's closeness with the sea is ingrained in its culture as well as in its industry. It is a place where the present is so indebted to its past, and we at Conway Port are glad to be building its future. 



Image: 1959 Wicklow Regatta Program